As well as the surprise of the barn birthday party which I loved and which was just perfectly managed – and I know there was much going on behind the scenes to make this happen- the house itself, yet again, was the ideal venue for our large gathering of Scottish and Swedish families. Some of us in this group have known each other for thirty years this year, and have been organising trips up north in Scotland since before all the kids came along. Because our group has now grown so large, it becomes more difficult to find suitable houses which can not only accommodate such a gathering but which are special houses. Pitcalzean House is very special.

We all enjoyed the grounds, which the kids explored every day: running around on a treasure hunt; discovering the secret garden; finding decorations for the dining table. The kids loved the BBQ hut. If we were not out the whole day, kids and adults just enjoyed being in the house. There is so much space for everyone to find a good place to read or rest or play or chat. The billiard table seemed booked up every night, as was the cinema room. The kitchen and dining room were ideal for catering for 32 people and we loved gathering every night, enjoying being together. The house is so comfortable and full of character and everyone agrees that it is one of the best houses we have ever booked in all our years of October holidays.

Thanks to you too Fiona for your exceptional generosity and your warmth of greeting and patience in correspondence. I know the Swedish kids are desperate to come back to ‘ their’ Scottish House and I am sure that when we arrange our next big trip we shall be in touch again. Our October holiday in Pitcalzean House was one of our best ever and was certainly a week to remember and treasure.

October 2018

M Skehal

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