Pitcalzean (pronounced three different ways even by locals but most commonly the phonetic form was used) provided a comfortable, beautifully appointed and well maintained base for us. Giant wood burning stoves AND central heating kept us cosy and rooms varying from baronial to plain and simple, accommodated us very comfortably. Development work is on-going there and the adjoining barn, already a venue for ceilidhs for house guests, would be available another time and provide us with a good communal gathering space, especially in poor weather. As it was, we were blessed with weather allowing us to be outside most of each day and it was often gloriously sunny, enhancing our time there. The lovely gardens pulsated with birdlife and their songs were a constant soundtrack, while the views across the Bay of Nigg to snowy mountains beyond were truly magnificent, changing throughout the days with some spectacular sunsets.

Our days quickly evolved into familiar patterns as we created groups with Nature, Writing, Walking and Enquiry as the respective starting points for participants to develop as wished through the week, during small morning gatherings. These followed a half hour of communal and creative games, enlivening us for the day and yoga was on offer before breakfast each day. The 2 o’clock meeting invited comments and offerings, including walks, talks, music, visits, drawing, painting and crafts. One afternoon was devoted to offering games: croquet, volleyball, table tennis and sardines for the sun dodgers. Relaxing, cuppas and chatting were also popular!


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